Visual Care: Streamlining Employee Rostering Processes

Lisa Norris, co-founder and managing director, Visual CareLisa Norris, co-founder and managing director
One of the biggest struggles for services providers is having all the information in one easy-to-use platform allowing for transparency across all facets of the business from client information and service agreements, rostering, and managing budgets to payroll and invoicing. Another major pain point for service providers is ensuring staff are not underpaid or the business is wasting money on overtime. Some providers continue to use Excel spreadsheets or other third party programs and systems outside of their main platform to complete different tasks. Having separated systems and workflows is time consuming and prone to errors resulting in flawed data integrity. Visual Care, a start-up from Adelaide is standing out from the crowd on all fronts when it comes to their cloud-based software and exceptional customer service. Their motto “we care, we listen, we innovate” runs through all elements of the business and their client feedback will attest to this.“Our clients are our greatest asset and their continuous feedback on our platform is what has made us an industry leader. We involve them in our decision-making process which not only enforces how much we care about their outcome but makes us truly unique to our competitors,” says Lisa Norris, co-founder and managing director, Visual Care.

Visual Care is the first state-of-the art purpose-built platform for Australian service providers that addresses all the bottlenecks providers encounter during the running of their business.

Adelaide start-up Visual Care stands out from the crowd for Australia’s most innovative platform for aged care and disability service providers

With the end user in mind, the platform provides solutions to common problems with multifaceted software, including their in-built award interpreter, advanced mobile app for workers and fully integrated platform for payroll and invoicing. Visual Care is a complete package that is hard to look past. Being a 100 percent web application, the Visual Care platform is accessible from all devices across a web browser. Having this flexible infrastructure allows for changes and enhancements to be deployed quickly and easily. With web browsing being a familiar medium for users, learning Visual Care is an easy process for their clients. The office staff can easily keep across issues as they arise through a real-time dashboard which highlights critical details such as workers not showing up for shifts, incidents as they occur, and any compliance conflicts. Visual Care also covers all the government reporting requirements for Australian providers such as NDIS, HCP, CHSP and Medicare.

Knowing where your staff are at any one time is vital for all providers and key for making sure shifts are delivered and your workers are safe. Visual Care’s advanced GPS tracking certainly has this covered. Keeping across different awards and pay levels/points has long been a big headache for providers coupled with making sure that they are not paying for unnecessary overtime or underpaying their staff. The innovative team at Visual Care have designed an industry leading award interpreter that alerts rostering staff in real-time as they roster if the shift will incur any overtime penalties. The Visual Care team are dedicated to continuous improvement which means the management platform is always at the leading edge. Their development methodology is agile so they can quickly respond to changing industry demands for NDIS and Aged Care. Their rapid response to COVID 19 has meant thorough checks are done on the mobile app by the worker prior to services being delivered, which brings peace of mind to the workers, the clients, their families and the business.

Building a successful business, at such a rapid pace, reaching 50,000 users this month, comes with its ups and downs “It certainly hasn’t been an easy ride, but we’re lucky to have strong supportive relationships with our clients and each lesson learnt we come back stronger, with greater commitment and motivation to continue building our first-class platform,” says Lisa. Visual Care has many new collaborations on the way as they continue to evolve with new technology and changes to the industry “We’re currently working on some really interesting collaborations, one in particular with a new group who has brought a new care model from the Netherlands. We have exciting times ahead of us,” concludes Lisa.