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Top 10 Startups in Australia - 2020

Australia is writing the new chapters of its history by fostering a generation of remarkable economic success. The country now has three ‘solitary unicorns’ valued at over $1 billion. While this is just the crest of the wave, there are new and innovative tech firms emerging behind them. Several reasons have contributed to this rapid growth, including venture capital, availability of crowdfunding, and access to public markets. Besides, the multitude of technology incubators and coworking spaces are popping across the region, indicating a large scale job creation drive that can be nurtured for economic benefits. Recognizing the same, local and federal governments are significantly investing in technology through various initiatives.

Among the various trends pertaining to Australian startup space, the prominent one could be the commercial potential of the Asia- Pacific region that businesses are eyeing to scale. Another trend currently evident in the market is the increasing number of tech firms in the health and wellness industry. Whether it’s plant-based food or mental health, there are umpteen startups vying to top the market with their innovative products. Amidst these trends and technology innovations, it is crucial for startups to foster a technology-first mindset, enable customized configurations for solutions, and enhance the customer experience.

In light of these significant technological advancements today, StartupCity has compiled a list of top 10 startups in Australia 2020 to guide enterprise leaderships in harnessing the power of technology to embrace innovation and enhance productivity.

With several innovative technological capabilities and success stories up its sleeves, these companies are continually proving theirexpertise in the startup arena. We hope this issue of the StartupCity helps you build the partnership you and your firm need to migrate to an efficient and technology-driven environment.

We present to you StartupCity’s “Top 10 Startups in Australia–2020.”

Top Startups in Australia

9Cloud empowers organizations to break themselves free from the chaos of huge mountains of unending paperwork. Using 9Cloud’s Form Creator, organizations can capture and organize the data required for their functioning in a smarter manner. The Form Creator digitalizes record-keeping processes while easily collecting and collating any data that an organization requires. By utilizing 9Cloud’s workflow builder, organizations can send and receive any information to anyone across any place that they choose


Astrum assists organizations in managing their privacy and information risks, safeguarding their data, and implementing new privacy regulations that are in force around the globe. The company offers leading-edge cyber risk and privacy management services along with regulatory compliance to help organizations in preventing privacy breaches and protecting their data. As certified ISO27001 lead implementors, Astrum has decades of expertise in implementing projects by working with some of the world’s largest organizations. The team of experts at Astrum possesses the capability and experience to help organizations manage their information risks and achieve ISO27001 certification


EZswitch offers a free energy management service that saves time and money for both householders and small to medium-sized businesses. The company’s flagship energy comparison and management service enables them to compare, review, and switch a customer’s energy plan, which includes their electricity and gas bills, regularly to ensure that they always get a competitive rate. Every year, EZswitch compares plans and offers from the different electricity and gas providers and switches the consumer to a better offer in a hassle-free manner to ensure that they have the best plan


A pioneer in creating pathologically accurate, 3D printed body parts for surgical training


Visual Care is on a mission to address the challenges of employee scheduling and worker retention with its end-to-end cloud-based scheduling and rostering solution. The startup is committed to revolutionizing the way companies conduct business and interact with their staff, clients, and families. Visual Care’s solution is designed specifically for the community service sector including aged care, disability, cleaning, and home maintenance. Keeping in mind the end-users, Visual Care has developed a solution that is intuitive, easy-to-use, and affordable


Your Business Security leverages its specialization in security risk management and trusted insider threats to empower enterprises to protect themselves from different risks. Utilizing an integrated security risk management approach that strongly focuses on security culture and insider threats, the company delivers a holistic security approach to ensure that organizations have protection against threats from a wide range of sources. The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of services, which include security risk management, trusted insider threat mitigation, security vulnerability assessment, reviews, audits, policy and procedure development, and security awareness training




DigiGround provides an end-to-end business solution using a creative and collaborative model of design and development to create solutions for all business needs. The company analyses current workflows and systems to make suggestions for improvement, as well as manage development and deployment. DigiGround services include Web Development, Lead Generation, Design & Multimedia, Business Solutions, Applications and SEO / PPC. Coupled with DigiGround's well-versed experience, the company helps in building marketing and advertising plans to assist with customer acquisition and legislative requirements for any and all industries

Quint Digital

Quint Digital

Quint Digital focus on Return on Investment and is always a step ahead with the company's carefully put together custom digital strategies. Quint specializes in Local Search Engine Optimisation, Customer webdesign, Google Adwords, Social Media Marketing and Messenger Chat bots. Based in Australia Quint provides top notch service with Australian based Account Managers and Project managers. The company is passionate about making small medium business success using innovative digital strategies



ResearchSat is developing CubeSats to conduct life sciences and pharmaceutical research in microgravity environments. ResearchSat is on a mission to explore the unique characteristics made available by microgravity and are working to make space research accessible for all researchers and organisations. One of the major risks associated with space missions and conducting experiments in microgravity is an astronaut carrying different kinds of bacteria into space. Research has shown that bacteria in space becomes more aggressive and infectious and this poses a huge risk when performing scientific experiments. Along these lines, ResearchSat provides an alternative to conducting experiments on-board the ISS



Taglog is comprised of an integrated platform using scanning devices for data logging. The field devices capture the work process as it occurs, including a time and GPS stamp resulting in both increased efficiency and improved worker productivity. The real time operating platform provides simultaneous, detailed job reporting with capability for quality control, allowing clarity on work rates and stimulating productivity